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"Drive & Kick" Schedule is Set for September

The “Drive & Kick” schedule is set for September!

We are excited to share the stories of these wonderful leaders in the community.

  • September 1 - Ralston Turner, Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch, former NCSU & LSU basketball player

  • September 8 - Faith Bynum, CPA, MBA, Entrepreneur and Founder of Faith Bynum CPA firm

  • September 15 - Rashad West, Founder of Beat the Expert - teaching math through basketball, former pro basketball player

  • September 22 - Karlik Hill, Sanford Police Department and Social Justice Advocate

  • September 29 - Dasan Ahanu, Rothwell Mellon Program Director for Creative Futures at Carolina Performing Arts

​Conversations will be LIVE on Instagram Live on Tuesday nights at 8pm. We hope you will join us!

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