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Alley Oop Hoops welcomes Michele "Cheley" Douglass to the Board of Directors

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Please join us in welcoming Michele “Cheley” Douglass to the Alley Oop Hoops Board of Directors!

Cheley received her Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Recreation/ Recreation Therapy at Shaw University. She has several certifications including, Mental Health First Aid Responder, Behavioral Specialist, and Crisis Counselor. Cheley currently attends North Carolina Central University and will complete her masters in social work with an adjacent certification as an Addiction Specialist in May 2022.

As an active community service contributor in many areas of North Carolina, including her hometown Raleigh, Cheley has a persistent passion for volunteering, encouraging, and advocating for the at-risk populations.

After years employed in Behavior Psychology, Cheley transitioned her career to Wake County Public School System’s central services special education department. While providing the occupational course of study for high school student’s education in self-awareness, job readiness, and life skills, Cheley collaborates with large and small businesses to provide community resources and employment opportunities for adolescents.

Connect with Michele on LinkedIn here and on Instagram here.

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