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"Drive & Kick" with Dr. D-Nice Beaugelin - Video & Summary

Alley Oop Hoops presents

"Drive & Kick" with Dr. D-Nice Beaugelin.

View the conversation summary below.


D-Nice’s wellness philosophy

University of Texas Medical School, Masters in Nursing – Western-trained medicine doctor, however with a more Eastern approach over the years. D-Nice is a certified acupuncturist, and has many holistic trainings and certifications. She is also Board certified in Lifestyle Medicine & Internal Medicine. Over the years, she has formed her own style, blending Western medicine & holistic prevention-based medicine - system of wellness to teach to young people, high school and college students.

What is the FOUNT wellness system?

  • Fuel - what you eat, when you eat it and how much

  • Optimistic - recognize reality, make a positive move, connect with love

  • Understanding - connecting & understanding your body, how interactions with other people affect your health, how interactions with society affect your health

  • Natural - avoiding toxicity, understand & learn natural remedies, hydrotherapy

  • Time - exercise, sleep, relaxation

What aspect of wellness do most teenagers neglect?

First and foremost – sleep. There is a general lack of understanding how important sleep is for your overall health, and this is even more critical for athletes that stress their bodies constantly. Secondly, screen time. We are all guilty of being on phones too much, screen time counts whether virtual learning or not. “Your brain doesn’t care whether you are using the screen to learn or not – it counts.”

D-Nice’s “Easy is Bad” athletic program

This program is applying FOUNT specifically for athletes, focusing and addressing on the physical and mental demands on the body. High-performing athletes want longevity, want your body to be strong, and improve performance and recovery. Wellness is critical, even when you have youth on your side.

“You feel you have super power, until you don’t. Until that first injury comes, and then you’re there wondering what to do.” Selling prevention to someone who feels perfect at the time is a difficult sell.

Challenge the way you are nourishing your body. Challenge the way you are sleeping. Challenge the way you are managing your stress. Make taking care of your body part of your routine at a young age and carry it with you. Make rest worth it. You’ll gain more than you’ll lose when you take proper rest.

24/7/365 nature of youth athletics

D-Nice referenced a study that you need three months rest from your sport to heal your body. Getting to the coaches and team owners, to help them understand wellness at a deeper level. You want to walk away from the game healthy. Once your athletic career is over, you want to take your body with you to next stage of life. You give your body to the game, take it with you when you leave. “Don’t leave the game with a broken body. You can be a high functioning athlete without the 24/7, year-round push.” Wellness isn’t being measured when these decisions are being made.

What does D-Nice do daily to protect her wellness?

D-Nice has been practicing wellness since she was a senior in high school (graduating high school at age 16). It was then that she began exercising regularly, as prior to that she was inactive. In college, she swam and cycled, walked a lot with her father, and found meditation. She changed her diet in her early 20’s. She is always aware of how to take care of her mind, body and energy around me, and has used her FOUNT system religiously. D-Nice adds new things into her daily routine of wellness as she continues to learn.

Supporting youth

D-Nice has been a youth leader since she was a teenager herself, and was always involved with youth programs through her church, helping steer youth program decisions as a teenager. Over the years she has noticed most wellness programs are geared towards adults, not high school or college age students. The teenage years are an important time for students where they are deciding where they’re going in life, time to veer this way or that way. This is a great time to create behaviors that contribute to longevity of wellness. She has lots of energy, and finds it easy and natural to work with high schoolers.

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