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NBA veteran Anthony Morrow to join Alley Oop Hoops at NCSU STEM Day

NC State STEM Day | Sat, March 5, 2022

We are excited to announce Anthony Morrow will be joining us for “Data Analytics in the NBA” at NC State University STEM Day on March 5!

Anthony, a Charlotte, N.C. native, is a 10-year NBA veteran, playing with some of the league's best players of all-time. Anthony saw the rise of data analytics first-hand during his time in the league, and is excited to share his experiences with the youth at STEM Day. He currently supports the Oklahoma City Thunder with mentorship and leadership consulting. Anthony attended Georgia Tech as a member of the Yellow Jackets Men's Basketball Program. As an entrepreneur, investor, and humanitarian, Anthony wants to help others achieve their dreams and take it to their highest level, through his foundation AMO Charities.

Students ages 11-16 will be introduced to data analytics through the game of basketball, through hearing our mentors’ upbringing in basketball, math, and technology, taking a deeper look into key statistics and correlations that drive today’s NBA through draft, lineup, and contract decisions based on analytics, and sparking the light about career opportunities in the evolving world of data.

Thank you to Braska Williams Jr., NCSU Director of Engineering, for the #alleyoop!

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