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Make an impact.

Why volunteer?

When you were young, did you know how to study for a test or make plans for college? Do you remember wanting your first car or looking for a part-time job? Simple things that may seem straightforward to you now may be a mystery to a young person.

Want to teach the game, or teach something entirely different that will support our athletes after basketball? We help you share it with the youth that need you most. We manage the logistics — finding the students, location, transportation, supplies, volunteer training. All you do is show up and share what you love. 

What do our volunteers do?​

We run youth mentoring programs for not only basketball, but also financial literacy, entrepreneurship, career skills, and leadership. You can mentor on an ongoing basis with individual children, or you can mentor at one of workshops once a year. 


What makes a good volunteer?

Our volunteers are adults of all ages that bring energy, have fun, and consistently show up. Relationships naturally form in our group programs, and we also connect mentors to individual youth after learning more about your interests. When those relationships happen in a safe and fun environment, impact happens. 

Become a volunteer

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