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Alley Oop Hoops 2021 Financial Review


Alley Oop Hoops continued to steward the dollars we received into the communities we serve. Thank you to everyone who contributed time, funds, introductions, feedback - trust our team will need you even more in 2022!


Alley Oop Hoops received total contributions in calendar year & fiscal year 2021 of $76,093.

  • $10,000 Grant income from businesses

  • $26,223 Individual donor income

  • $39,870 In-kind donations

Last year, in Alley Oop Hoops' inaugural half-year of 2020, we raised $24,898, annualized out to $49,796, and thus 2021 represented a 53% increase in fundraising budget versus prior year annualized.


Program Expenses accounted for 88% of our 2021 budget. Last year, program expenses accounted for 81% of our budget. 80% or more of funding to Program Expenses equals an "A" Rating at


Fundraising Expenses accounted for 4% of our 2021 budget, at $2,881. Last year, fundraising expenses accounted for 5% of our budget. Fundraising Expenses included thank you letters, t-shirts and stickers for major donors.


Management Expenses accounted for 8% of our 2021 budget. Last year, management expenses accounted for 14% of our budget (due to start-up expenses that accounted for $3,114 of the $3,462 incurred last year). Major categories of management expenses included part-time labor, legal and accounting fees, and marketing & promotion.

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