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Alley Oop Hoops accepted into Cisco Foundation's Bright Funds platform


Alley Oop Hoops is excited to announce we have been accepted into Cisco's Bright Funds platform, allowing all donations by Cisco employees to be automatically matched!

The Cisco Foundation was established in 1997 by a gift from Cisco. Cisco and the Cisco Foundation partner with nonprofits, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and community-based organizations to carry out many of our Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

Alley Oop Hoops is thrilled to add Cisco to our list of corporate supporters, and thankful to the Cisco Foundation team for believing in our organization's mission and vision!

Special thanks to Brian Conley, long-time Cisco executive, who was instrumental in making this happen by donating to Alley Oop Hoops and kicking off the process internally!

Please share the wonderful news with any Cisco employees in your network to maximize the match potential!

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