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Alley Oop Hoops presents "The Rise of Data in the NBA" with 10-year NBA veteran Anthony Morrow!

Last weekend, Alley Oop Hoops presented "The Rise of Data in the NBA" to middle school and high school students at the North Carolina Math & Science Education Network's (NC-MSEN) STEM Day, a program coordinated by the NC State College of Education.

We were joined by Anthony Morrow, a ten-year NBA veteran and currently in the Charlotte Hornets front office to support younger players with mentoring off the court. Anthony, who leads a foundation in West Charlotte, where he was born and raised, is an active member of the community.

Anthony and Josh talked about how data has changed the way the game is played, the way teams are built, how healthcare decisions are made, and career opportunities in data and analytics.

Special thanks to Braska Williams, Jr. of the North Carolina Math and Science Education Network (NC-MSEN) and NCSU College of Engineering for allowing us to spend time with the students in the program. Since the event, we have been speaking with several of the students' teachers in attendance, and will be bringing similar programming on campus to high schools in the coming months!

We also want to thank our sponsors, Vaco Raleigh, The Diversity Movement, and Red Hat, for generous contributions to Alley Oop Hoops that allow events like this to be possible!

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