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Redline Athletics provides 10 summer scholarships to Alley Oop Hoops!

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

We would like to welcome Redline Athletics – Sutton Square as a supporter of Alley Oop Hoops! Alley Oop Hoops will provide 10 youth in our program with scholarships to Redline – Sutton Square from now through the end of the summer.

Said the leadership team at Redline Athletics, "Redline Athletics - Sutton Square believes every youth athlete deserves the opportunity to reach their highest level of excellence. We pride ourselves on creating an environment that fosters success in every athlete. We are providing these scholarships to Alley Oop Hoops because we believe the next star is today's child and we are proud to be a part of their success."


  • If you are interested in the program for yourself or youth in our network, send us an email at

  • Youth receiving the scholarships are required to attend 2+ sessions per week to maintain the scholarship (we understand that some weeks due to camps and travel that youth may have some weeks without 2 sessions but hope that the average sessions per week equal or exceed 2 sessions).


Redline Athletics – Sutton Square is one of the Triangle’s premier facilities for youth athletic training. During the week, from 3pm onward, Redline offers one-hour sessions for youth athletes 8-18 years of age, with the flexibility of multiple training sessions a day focused on challenging and pushing youth to improve as a complete athlete, with one-hour classes focused in the following areas:

• Activation & Movement Prep

• Dynamic Warm-up

• Speed & Agility

• Strength & Power

• Mobility & Injury Prevention

Redline Athletics – Sutton Square is located next to the Fresh Market at 6325 Falls of Neuse Rd, Suite 24, Raleigh, NC 27615.

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