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The Hoop Bus is Coming to Raleigh

Tomorrow afternoon, Tuesday, August 25th, the Hoop Bus is coming through Raleigh, North Carolina on its nationwide tour, to continue to highlight social injustices through the platform of our shared love of the game of basketball. Basketball is a unique game that brings together a diverse community, and you can’t love the game of the basketball without loving the communities that embrace, teach, learn, appreciate and connect through the game.

In attendance will be:

- Dr. Dudley Flood, the man who helped end segregation in North Carolina

- Corey Branch, Raleigh City Council District B

- David West, retired 15-year NBA player and 2X NBA Champion

- Milton Chavis, performing in a dunk exhibition

- Quincy Miller & Tyrrel Tate, current professional basketball players

- Coach Bob MacKinnon, decorated coach and NBA G-League Champion

- many, many more to be announced!

The event will be held outdoors at 4821 B Hargrove Rd, Raleigh, NC, 27616. Everyone is required to respect social distancing guidelines and wear a mask. Masks will be provided at the event for anyone in need of one to attend.

Alley Oop Hoops will be donating several laptops to the event for free raffle to children in attendance. We are excited to be supporting this event with the Hoop Bus, the Raleigh Firebirds, JD Lewis Center, and Compass Youth Center!

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