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Alley Oop Hoops partners with Raleigh Firebirds to provide mentorship to young adults


Alley Oop Hoops is excited to announce our partnership with the Raleigh Firebirds professional basketball team!

The program will support the Raleigh Firebirds players, interns, and administrators in entrepreneurship and career readiness, supporting the young men and women in finding success beyond the basketball court, with a focus on leveraging the power of our collective networks to provide relevant access and opportunity in each participants’ line of work and interest.

As part of the partnership, each member of the Raleigh Firebirds organization will have the opportunity to connect with professionals in their field of interest, through one-on-one and small group sessions, held virtually during the pandemic and eventually in-person as the year progresses.

Said Wade Harris, Founder of the Raleigh Firebirds – “The Raleigh Firebirds are thrilled to continue building with Alley Oop Hoops. In a short time, we have partnered to impact several families in the Triangle, and we are just scratching the surface of what our two organizations will accomplish together. With the resource network present in the Triangle, a major goal of the Raleigh Firebirds organization is to support our players and team members in making critical decisions in their early adulthood, and in doing so, creating future mentors and community advocates through the process.”


The Basketball League (TBL) is dedicated to delivering a World Class Professional Basketball experience to our community, our fans, and business partners, by providing communities with a professional basketball team that gives an affordable/quality family entertainment experience. In doing so, TBL provides players with educational opportunities to learn from nationally acclaimed life skills classes for financial literacy, health and wellness, nutrition, preventative medicine, and sports biomechanics. A community-first league, we encourage our teams to offer support and encouragement to local communities through engagement in school and group appearances, youth camps, clinics, and non-profit organizations.


Founded in 2020, Alley Oop Hoops is a leadership and mentoring program connecting youth to community advocates through our shared love of the game of basketball. Our mentors help student athletes reach their full potential on and off the court, with programs focused on leadership development, STEM education, entrepreneurship, career readiness, community engagement, and wellness, both physical and mental. The organization is an approved 501(c)(3) charitable organization by the IRS, EIN 85-1483359.

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