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Applied Data Technologies to support the readiness of devices for distribution


Alley Oop Hoops is excited to announce our Partnership with Applied Data Technologies!

Applied Data Technologies, a leading IT services and hardware provider, has graciously agreed to receive, format, and prepare for distribution, what will amount to no less than 100 devices. Each device readied by Applied Data Technologies will be etched with the Alley Oop Hoops logo. Swipe left for the sample!

This couldn’t have come at a more serendipitous time for our team, as we were simultaneously finalizing the details to receive two significant hardware donations from global organizations with a presence in the Triangle (more to come on who!). Knowing that Applied Data Technologies can step up into the “prime” role with regard to readying an unlimited amount of computers allows us to focus on growth versus concern of how bulk could be handled in a timely manner.

Please join me in thanking Chip Barnes and the Applied Data Technologies team for the Alley Oop!


Founded in 1998, Applied Data Technologies works to get the best and brightest IT professionals, bringing value to our deployment and support services. We believe that a professional relationship goes beyond transactions. Customers are more than accounts. That belief comes through in our fanatical customer service—service centered on you. We pride ourselves in selecting the correct products for you and work to get you the best price.


Founded in 2020, Alley Oop Hoops is a mentoring program connecting youth to community advocates through our shared love of the game of basketball. Our mentors help student athletes reach their full potential on and off the court, with programs focused on leadership development, STEM education, entrepreneurship, career readiness, community engagement, and wellness, both physical and mental. ​The organization is as an approved 501(c)(3) charitable organization by the IRS, EIN 85-1483359.

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