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Students need your help in supporting virtual learning

Access is often taken for granted. Virtual learning has been challenging for all students, but many students without access to appropriate technology are falling behind further.

Our community partners have spoken – Alley Oop Hoops was on to something when our first fundraiser surrounded access to Chromebooks. Though we have connected 100 students in Wake County with Chromebooks since July, for every student we have helped, there are five more students without at-home hardware access for virtual learning. The result? Many students are using their phones in an already difficult situation.

The school system has taxed its resources, and is unable to provide further hardware. Further, the Chromebook's previously provided by the school systems were not be owned by the families, thus the students who received Chromebooks from the school system are thankful, yet will not be able to fully appreciate the value of ownership.

$100 can buy one refurbished Chromebook, capable of handling the everyday tasks of virtual learning.

Every little bit counts, and we appreciate your consideration. Please click the DONATE button below.

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