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Successful laptop distribution to our student-athletes!

This weekend, we successfully distributed 48 laptops in the community to student-athletes who needed hardware to support virtual learning.

Most importantly, we would like to thank our community partners - Poobie Chapman, Chris Davis, and Rashad "Pooh" Herndon of the Boys Club, for making sure these laptops get in to hands of youth who need them.

Alley Oop Hoops would also like to give flowers to:

  • Mayne Pharma USA for donating the laptops.

  • Vaco Raleigh's Office Manager Cocoa Pittman for inventorying and preparing the computers for distribution.

  • Qwik Pack & Ship for donating a majority of the supplies.

  • Dell for providing the laptop chargers at a fraction of the typical cost.

Please reach out if you work for or with a business that has computer equipment available for donation!

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