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Supporting young entrepreneurs

A focus of our mentorship program is building young entrepreneurs, and it is never too late to begin channeling the spirit and confidence of entrepreurship, but often times young entrepreneurs need help with aspects of organization in turning their ideas into a successful business - finances, legal, marketing, website design, pricing, the list goes on.

As Raleigh basketball legend Brock Young begins applying himself beyond playing basketball, his passion for the game of basketball will never stop. Through our program, Brock will be able to continue to make impact in young player's lives, but it is important through our network of relationships that we are also putting Brock in best possible situation to find his own personal success.

​Brock is now focused on running several small businesses, including an organic cleaning service and a t-shirt/printing company. Through our relationship network, our program has successfully connecting Brock to a website design resource who can help him build a website for his business, so he is as successful of a small business owner as he can be!

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